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BigEvents Club - Member benefit:
To list your event with us and receive free exposure on our site and in our promo e-mails, we request that you
offer our BigEvents Club Members a special benefit at your event on presentation of their BigEvents Club Card.
This benefit can take the form of a discount at the doors or bar, a preferred rate, a welcome drink, access to a
special area, an entry into a lucky draw or any other benefit you can offer. Make use of this opportunity to attract
more visitors to your event. Please ensure that your event staff is well informed about this benefit and about
BigEvents Club Members. Our club members will identify themselves with their membership card. Make sure it
is a valid membership card. Each card is printed with an expiry date like on a credit card. If the expiry date
is 11/10 it means the card is valid until the last day of November 2010.

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